Practicing Play Workshop in Dubai by Niki Carr

AED 1,000

Practicing Play- Workshop

Discover the key elements to transform sequencing from the mundane to the exceptional. Each participant will walk away with the practical tools to independently create and use variations for maximum impact, explore new transitions, and progress through exercises more efficiently to build sequencing that flows. In this workshop, Niki aims to change your outlook on what is possible in your practice– keeping it fun and fresh.



Take part in strategic games that heighten creativity by breaking from your habitual movement patterns and explore new ways to find inspiration for your practice. Asking ourselves questions like: Where can this movement go from here? What does my body need from me right now? Am I maintaining a sense of overall balance throughout the body? And how can I connect the movement with the concepts? Ultimately, use your new sense of creativity to construct sequencing that flows for consistent creative experiences rooted in movement with a purpose every time.


We will focus on:


– Why creativity is so valuable

– Exploring transitions

– How to create a variation with purpose and intent

– When & how to effectively use variations

– How to use creativity beyond variations

– Ways to create a structure for a cohesive workout

– How to build a flow around a “peak pose”

– How to progress movements through sequencing and create choreography that flows.