Soma Barre Method

AED 2,100

In this workshop we will go through:
– The principles of progressive overload and how to apply it with little to no equipment.
– Load and levers. How simple changes can have big impact on muscle tension.
– Blood Flow Restriction Training. Learn this startlingly powerful method to increase hypertrophy and promote fat-loss with very little training time.
– Fun and effective conditioning drills to improve fitness, coordination and fat-loss.



“An immersive practice of barre rooted in the study of performance arts and movement”

Created by Pavlina Rai, co-founder of Soma Culture and a former professional dancer and interdisciplinary movement coach with over 15 years experience, the Soma Barre Method combines the principles of contemporary dance and ballet, along with internal martial arts, Pilates, yoga and physical conditioning. The Soma Barre Method creates a total body movement form that simultaneously conditions multiple body systems.

The teaching modules focus on movements and joint articulations that explore large ranges of motion, as well as smaller, controlled, isolated movements traditional to a variety of performance arts and physical conditioning.  Participants will cover the method’s practical and theoretical framework, enabling participants to structure 60 minutes classes, understand musical synchronisation and its role in movement, creating a natural rhythm and pace for flow, creativity and a fun challenging workout.

The 2 day training covers:

– Foundations, principles and technical study of the Soma Barre Method.

– Outline of class with workshopping and small group teaching

– Understanding of alignment, Barre exercises, as well as Pilates and Conditioning format, cueing, transitions, flow, musicality.

– The skills and knowledge to be able to create your own Barre class confidently, adding your own creativity based on the basic format.

– Assessment covering structuring of class and technical understanding.