This seminar will introduce you to the endocrine system and explore how nutrition and the
environment affect hormone expression and when compromised pave the way for poor
Topics covered:
– The hypothalamus and pituitary
– Thyroid as a master hormone
– Reproductive hormones and dysfunction
– Diet and hormone dysregulation
– Environment and hormone dysregulation
– Improving the stress hormone pathway
– Biochemistry testing and interpretation

Tutor Bio
Keith Littlewood @tommolittlewood is an independent researcher and health coach who has worked in the fields of personal training, rehabilitation, functional medicine and therapy for over twenty years. He holds a PgDip and Masters degree in endocrinology, with additional studies in neuroscience, sleep biology, biomechanics and therapy.


There are no pre-requisites to this course. It is open to all health and fitness professionals or anyone who is curious about the subject of hormones for their own health.

Course dates:

12,13,14 July 2020 from 1-4pm Dubai time

Course fees:

AED 1,500 (USD 400) – Gives you access to this course + access to 18 seminars on his online

  • Duration

    3 days

  • Dates

    12,13,14 July 2020

  • Time

    1 - 4 PM

  • Price

    AED 1500

  • Where

    Online Webinar