Mindset Hacks for Nutritional Changes (Hosted Course)-Dubai

Mindset Hacks for Nutritional Changes (Hosted Course)-Dubai

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    Course Information (Delivered in English)

      For most, fat loss is the number one reason why people start their fitness journey.

      Clients often know what nutritional changes they need to make, but they rarely sustain these changes for a lasting period of time. They struggle with a lack of discipline, patience, planning, and resilience. Many quit before they truly start, or they begin with over-ambitious goals and quickly burn out.

      In this workshop, you'll gain insight into the mindset changes necessary for clients to alter their nutritional habits and learn how to guide them effectively.

      We will cover::

    • How to keep clients motivated, engaged, and happy.
    • How to best support them in their transformation.
    • Change and fear management tools
    • Nutritional and weight loss strategies.

    Duration: 3 hrs face to face

    When: 2 June 2024

    Price: AED 395

    Where: Bodyhack Office (Tecom)


    Heinke is a dedicated triathlete and high-performance coach with a passion for change and mindset transformation. Just three years ago, Heinke transitioned from the comfort of a couch to becoming a serious Ironman triathlete, demonstrating a remarkable personal transformation.

    With over seven years of experience in corporate marketing, Heinke decided to pivot her career to focus on helping others excel in life and business by overcoming their limitations. Heinke’s approach combines practical strategies with a deep understanding of the mindset required for high performance.

    Heinke primarily offers one-on-one coaching tailored to specific career or life goals, ensuring personalized and impactful guidance. In addition to individual coaching, she has conducted several impactful workshops, including:

    – Time Management (Mindset + Systems)

    – Life Management (Mindset + Systems)

    – Mental Race Preparation

    In her courses, Heinke teaches how to best support clients on their weight loss journey, ensuring lasting results. Her unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise provides invaluable insights for those looking to achieve their goals and transform their lives.

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