Mobility workshop with Ava Rodriguez 

Mobility workshop with Ava Rodriguez 

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    Course Information Face To Face Course

      This is not Pilates but it is for Pilates teachers!

      The Mobility Fitness Academy offers a certification program on how to integrate joint mobility into the Pilates repertoire. You will walk away with a new perspective on programming your Pilates classes to enhance mobility, eliminating the need to spend endless hours excluding exercises due to limited accessibility.

      It will cover:

    • Joint Function - Gain an in-depth understanding of the function of joints, enabling you to identify and address mobility limitations.
    • Assessing Function vs. Posture - learn how to evaluate physical ability and limitations
    • The Neurology of the Joints - Discover the input needed to overcome limitations and improve mobility.
    • Joint Capacity and Flexibility - Learn the difference between joint capacity and flexibility and how to improve both through targeted exercises.
    • Passive vs. Active input, Chronic Pain - Understand why manual therapy and regular workouts may not be enough to address chronic pain and how to overcome this obstacle.
    • Redefining Strength - Challenge your preconceived notions of strength and learn how to redefine it to promote joint health and mobility.
    • The Diaphragm and the Core - Discover the vital role the diaphragm plays in core strength and how to restore it for optimal force transfer.
    • How to integrate Mobility into Pilates classes to unlock the ranges that are currently unavailable due to joint limitation
    • **Included in this training is 30days free access to on- demand tutorial exclusively recorded for the graduates on programming**

    Duration: 1 day

    When: October 5th, 2024, 10am – 3/3.30 pm

    Price: USD 459 (AED 1,685)

    Where: Dubai (exact venue To Be Confirmed)

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