Neuro training for Kids (Live on Zoom)

Neuro training for Kids (Live on Zoom)

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    Course Information (Delivered in English)

      This workshop focuses on identifying the brain regions most affected by excessive screen time and a shift towards a more sedentary lifestyle among growing children.

      Our primary focus lies in revitalizing underdeveloped brain regions and seamlessly integrating these techniques into your training sessions, creating an engaging and enjoyable practice that children eagerly anticipate returning to.

      We will delve into:

    • Understanding the neuroanatomical structures that undergo developmental impact due to a sedentary upbringing
    • Exploring engaging methods to stimulate these structures, encouraging active participation from children
    • Integrating these approaches into your workout routines.
    • Investigating teenage brain development, particularly white matter enhancement, and discovering ways to comprehend and improve it through movement

    Duration: 3 hrs

    When: 18 July 2024

    Price: AED 500

    Where: Live on Zoom

    Heba Abdel Gawad

    Heba is one of the co-founders of .body//HACK: She is the creator of the NeuroPilates method, a Z-Health Master Trainer, Fitness education Tutor and Assessor, a Two-time Olympian and the winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star competition 2014.
    She competed as a synchronised swimmer at the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004 with an international career as a competitor spanning over sixteen years. She went to the UK in 2004 to study Sports Science, did her Pilates certifications with various schools, went to Phoenix to do her Z-Health Master training and is now doing an MC in Osteopathy as well as several Functional Neurology courses. She teaches NeuroPilates certifications, Anatomy and Physiology and various educational workshops on the Nervous System, Breathing, and Visual Training for Sports and Athletic Conditioning.

    She focuses her work on maximising people’s health and athletic potential as well as corrective exercise for injury rehabilitation. She has a strong applied interest on the body’s nervous system and neuroscience and how it can be used to improve performance and help alleviate pain.

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