Neuroanatomy Foundations of Movement Face to Face Course Details.

In this course you will learn the foundations of Neuroanatomy and how it applies in a practical way to movement, posture pain, training, health and overall wellbeing. This course is open to all health and fitness professionals.

We will cover:

  • Key neuroscience concepts and their current practical application to health and
    fitness professionals.
  • The neurology of movement and how to improve motor control, co-ordination and
    brain-body pathways for optimal movement and performance.
  • How to achieve optimal brain health by improving sensory inputs.
  • The role our vestibular and visual systems have on our posture, gait and overall
  • The neurology of posture and postural assessment.
  • The neurology of gait and gait assessment.
  • Learn about the different brain lobes, what each area is responsible for and the
    exercise applications.
  • Breathing as Fuel for the brain and how to assess your own or client’s respiration.


Internally assessed worksheet.


Must be in the health or fitness industry already or have done some anatomy training in the past.


Heba Abdel Gawad

Heba is the CoFounder of .body//HACK: Fitness Education along with her husband Yousef. She is a Z-Health Master Trainer, Creator of the NeuroPilates method, Personal Training and Pilates Tutor and Assessor, and the Winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Competition 2014.

She is also a two-time former Olympic athlete having competed as a synchronised swimmer at the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, with an international career as a competitor spanning over sixteen years. Heba went to the UK in 2004 to study Sports Science, did her Pilates Certifications with various schools, did her Z-Health master training and functional neurology in the States and is now doing an MC in Osteopathy. She teaches Pilates certifications, Anatomy and Physiology and various educational workshops on the Nervous System, Breathing, and Visual Training for Sports and Athletic Conditioning.She focuses her work on maximising people’s athletic potential as well as corrective exercise for injury rehabilitation. She has a strong applied interest on the body’s nervous system and neuroscience and how it can be used to improve performance and help alleviate pain.

  • Duration

    4 days

  • Dates

    Dates to be confirmed.

  • Time

    9 AM - 4 PM

  • Price

    AED 2800

  • Where

    Office 10-C11 I-Rise Tower Barsha Heights (Tecom) Dubai