This is a comprehensive  course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help pregnant women improve their health and fitness throughout their pregnancy as well as after they deliver.


We will cover:

– A review of current exercise and pregnancy research.

– The physiological and psychological changes a pregnant woman goes through during each trimester

– The beneficial exercises to do during each trimester and contraindications

– Pelvic floor and diaphragm re-education and training for pre and post natal women

– Breathing pattern dysfunctions during pregnancy and the appropriate corrective breathing drills associated with them

– ‘Pregnancy brain’ reality or myth and what hormonal changes occur in pregnancy that affect the brain’s performance

– Practical ‘high pay-off’ drills and exercises suited for each trimester as well as post natal.

– Post natal guidelines and exercise after a C section delivery

– Post natal guidelines and exercise after a natural delivery


Practical session/case study – Internally assessed.

You will receive:

  • Online course lectures and content
  • 1 live webinar for questions and review
  • Certificate of completion 16 REPS CPD points

Course Options

Option1) Online course only – AED 1396 (USD 380)

Option 2) Online plus a live attendance class option available at a later date (to be confirmed) (if you would like to be book this please click here) – AED 2018


Heba Abdel Gawad

Heba is the CoFounder of .body//HACK: Fitness Education along with her husband Yousef. She is a Z-Health Master Trainer, Creator of the NeuroPilates method, Personal Training and Pilates Tutor and Assessor, and the Winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Competition 2014.

She is also a two-time former Olympic athlete having competed as a synchronised swimmer at the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, with an international career as a competitor spanning over sixteen years. Heba went to the UK in 2004 to study Sports Science, did her Pilates Certifications with various schools, did her Z-Health master training and functional neurology in the States and is now doing an MC in Osteopathy. She teaches Pilates certifications, Anatomy and Physiology and various educational workshops on the Nervous System, Breathing, and Visual Training for Sports and Athletic Conditioning.She focuses her work on maximising people’s athletic potential as well as corrective exercise for injury rehabilitation. She has a strong applied interest on the body’s nervous system and neuroscience and how it can be used to improve performance and help alleviate pain.

  • Duration

    Online course plus 1 webinar

  • Dates

    Throughout the year

  • Time

    9 AM - 4 PM

  • Price

    AED 1396

  • Where

    Online Course.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be in the health and fitness industry.