Course description:

The Pilates Chair or “Wunda Chair” is a powerful, versatile piece of equipment which was designed by J.Pilates for home use having in mind the limitations of space.

This two day workshop takes you through the dynamic movements and repertoire that can be done on the Chair, how to use the Chair safely and most importantly how to program the Chair movements and be able to integrate it in to the balanced Pilates programme designed for the client.

The learning outcomes of the workshop are:

– To understand the benefits of using the Wunda Chair and which movements from the repertoire are enhanced with it

– To know the health and safety aspects of how to use the Chair in a safe and effective way

– To learn which movements are done on the Chair, how to do them and coach them well

– To understand how to adapt the exercises with the progressions and regressions for each exercise

-Programming concepts that use the Chair repertoire as part of the overall balanced Pilates programme

Dates and Time :

22 and 23 October from9-5pm

Cost: 2,018 aed 

  • Duration

    2 days Face to Face course

  • Dates

    22 and 23 October from9-5pm 

  • Time

    9 AM - 5 PM

  • Price

    AED 2018

  • Where

    Studio Republik, Dubai