Does this sound like you?
– I want to train people and I don’t have any equipment?
– I train people at home with little to no equipment and I’m stuck with progression?
– I don’t know how to target “that” muscle with what I have available?
– My clients aren’t progressing as quickly as they (or I) would like?
With the popularity of home-visit personal training growing so rapidly, there is a need for Personal Trainers to have a deeper understanding of how to maximise their clients results without the use or over reliance on equipment.
In this workshop we will go through:
– The principles of progressive overload and how to apply it with little to no equipment.
– Load and levers. How simple changes can have big impact on muscle tension.
– Blood Flow Restriction Training. Learn this startlingly powerful method to increase hypertrophy and promote fat-loss with very little training time.
– Fun and effective conditioning drills to improve fitness, coordination and fat-loss.
28th February 2020

Dubai (TBC)

1000 AED (Inclusive VAT)

  • Duration

    1 day

  • Dates

    Friday 28th of February 2020

  • Time

    9 AM - 4 PM

  • Price

    AED 1000

  • Where

    Dubai (TBC)