Sports Nutrition Course(Hosted Course)-Dubai – 16 CPD Points

Sports Nutrition Course(Hosted Course)-Dubai – 16 CPD Points

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    Course Information (Delivered in English)

      Through theory and practice, this course offers a holistic and integrative approach to sportsnutrition for movement practitioners.

      The information covered will equip practitioners with the necessary skills, resources and critical thinking on how to assess, plan and guide clients to optimum nutrition for performance and health.

      IThe following will be covered:

    • Recap on nutrition fundamentals, energy systems and dietary analysis.
    • Nutrition strategies to support weight loss, endurance sports, hypertrophy and team sportsdelivered in the context of supporting performance and health.
    • Understand how gender, age, lifestyle and other factors can influence nutrient requirements and how to tailor nutritionstrategies accordingly.
    • How to support clients with behaviour change to offer a holistic and realistic approachto nutrition strategies.
    • Understand other factors beyond intake that influence nutrient status e.g. absorption.
    • How to critically review supplements and diet trends and apply appropriately according to a clients needs.
    • How nutrient timing can influence performance, recovery and overall health.
    • How to critically and practically apply knowledge to real life case studies.
    • How to incorporate nutrition into your offerings and scope of practice.
    • Assessment: Case Study

    Duration: 2 days face to face

    When: 27,28 July 2024

    Price: AED 2018

    Where: Bodyhack Office (Tecom)

    Vicky Walshaw

    Vicky is a Personalised Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher and Ex-Clinical Nurse Specialist. Having graduated with a First Class BSc Nutritional Sciences and Diploma in Personalised Nutrition Practice, she is well equipped in taking an evidence-based approach to nutrition and wellness. Following her clinicaland sporting experience, Vicky specialises in supporting athletes and individuals with digestive conditions. She is passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of nutrition and holistic well-being and aims to empower people to lead active, thriving and fulfilling lives.

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