Master the science to superior breathing.

By incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® into your fitness regime, you will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body. For an athlete, this competitive edge is gold and for the non-athlete improved breathing is the gateway to great health.  The Oxygen Advantage Method is also a superior tool for mental focus, aiding in the treatment of anxiety, depression and poor sleep.

The Oxygen Advantage® teaches you how to:

  • Increase exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily
  • Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Improve energy levels, concentration, and mental focus
  • Become fitter and stronger
  • You’ll feel the benefits of high altitude training (5,000m/17,000ft) with just one week of practice!

Course date:

Face to Face : 16th July, 10 am – 1 pm

Course fees:

AED 395

Rose O Donovan is a Tutor and Asessor at .body//HACK: Private Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Spinning Master Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Instructor – 15 years Industry Experience, Ex-military.Her qualifications and titles include:
 National Certification in Health Science – University of Limerick Ireland
 Spinning® Master Instructor and Training Coordinator UAE, Power Specialist Master Instructor. She is also certified in;  NeuroPilates Mat and Reformer, Pre and Post Exercise Specialist, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Breathing and Neuro Performance Certifications.

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Dates

    16th July 2021

  • Time

    10 AM - 1 PM

  • Price

    AED 395

  • Where

    Face to Face ( Limited Capacity) at IRise Tower, Office 10 C11, Barsha Heights , Tecom