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      90% of women who have given birth have a birth injury that causes a build of tension within their pelvis that restricts their overall movement, causes paradoxical movement of the diaphragmatic system and disrupts the neuromuscular coordination of the pelvic diaphragm. You may be seeing the impact of this on a regular basis in your group classes & not even realise where the rotation in their pelvis or the imbalance from one leg to the other is coming from. It is likely from their pelvic floor.

      At least 50% of women have pelvic floor symptoms that include pain and incontinence and you and they expect Pilates to help and when it’s not you both wonder why? Pilates can help when you are Whole Body Pelvic Health informed and make some small adjustments to how you teach. As a Pilates Teacher you are in a prime position to support women if you have the right tools.

      In this introductory workshop I will teach you three simple steps I call the three P’s of Whole Body Pelvic Health.

    • Assess for Paradoxical breathing
    • Increase Proprioception & Release tension through the movements you teach
    • Stimulate Pelvic Diaphragm nueromuscular Coordination
    • We will define what Whole Body Pelvic Health is in relation to Pilates Mat, some common dysfunctions and the dos’s and don’t dos when working with them and we will learn the three P’s for Whole Body Pelvic Health and apply them to my top six exercises in each orientation supine, prone, quadruped, seated, side lying & standing.

      You will leave feeling confident that you are supporting women in your mat classes and one to one in a way that will help not hinder the pelvic health progress.

      On completion of the workshop you will also receive an exclusive discount for you to join me on your personal pelvic health journey on my online whole body pelvic health membership course & a free online workshop recording where I teach the theory of why Whole Body Pelvic Health.

    Duration: 2.30 hours

    When: September 27, 6 pm – 8.30 pm

    Price: Early bird price (if booked before 20 August is AED 330, Regular price is AED 400)

    Where: Live online on Zoom (recording available)

    Mum of 3 Claire Sparrow is a Second Generation Pilates teacher, Polestar Pilates Educator & Pilates studio owner since 2005 where she specialises in women’s health & Post-Graduate Pilates Education.  Claire is a straight-talking and inspiring Scottswomen with an inclusive and rigorous approach to teaching Pilates. She has an absolute passion for all things Pilates, building communities and inspiring and supporting people to discover the possibilities within themselves, all whilst maintaining a sense of humour.
    Claire is the living embodiment of you are the architect of your own happiness.  After discovering Pilates in 1998 as a young dance student when it resolved her debilitating knee injury she has been evangelical about the benefits ever since. Teaching since 2002, Claire has a wealth of qualifications and never stops learning – training with Pilates Institute, Fit To Deliver, APPI, STOTT, Natural Bodies and of course Polestar, and most recently, becoming a Second Generation Teacher graduating from the Lolita San Miguel Master Mentorship Program 2019. Claire founded her Online Studio in 2020 to create accessible education for teachers from apprenticeship programs bridging the gap between training and teaching to specialist mentoring in Pelvic Health.
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