In this workshop we will focus on one of the most overlooked parts of the body, but arguably the most important for our brain health: the EYES.We will explore how to use your eyes to get instant improvements in focus, concentration, balance, memory and energy levels. We will also explore the huge role the eyes have on our posture and movement patterns. You will learn a variety of fun tests to check which areas of your vision you need to work on and how well your visual reflexes are working. We will then give you the exercises to address this.


Although we are lead to believe our eyesight cannot improve, doing some of the exercises we will go through on the day can definitely improve qualities of your eyesight, decrease headaches and even improve chronic pain levels. Dive into vision training and transform your world by seeing better than ever before!

17th of January 2019

Office 10-C11

I-Rise Tower

Barsha Heights (Tecom)


395 aed

  • Duration

    1 day

  • Dates

    Sunday 17th of January 2019

  • Time

    11 AM - 2 PM

  • Price

    AED 395

  • Where

    Office 10-C11 I-Rise Tower Barsha Heights (Tecom) Dubai