Why should I train with .body//HACK:?2018-02-22T10:40:02+04:00

Because we provide value and quality.

We always go above and beyond what you need to know in order to succeed in the fitness industry. We allow you to repeat any courses attended for free provided there is space

Most importantly our whole staff are dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of their own education and improvement, which will ultimately benefit you, the student.

How do I pay for my course?2018-02-22T10:42:36+04:00

You can pay through the following options:

– Bank Transfer
– ATM deposit
– Cheque
– Cash
– Online

Do you offer payment plans?2018-02-22T10:43:26+04:00

Yes we do.

A 25% deposit is required on all diploma and long CPD courses. The remaining balance to be paid in 2 to 3 remaining installments. On longer Diplomas such as the NeuroPilates Diploma we can break it up into further installments.

How do I confirm my booking onto a course?2018-02-22T10:43:58+04:00

You pay the 25% deposit on longer course or the full amount on workshops and fill out the application form which can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

How much is it to sit an exam?2018-02-22T10:45:57+04:00

The exam fee is covered as part of your tuition and registration fee.

How much is it to re-sit an exam?2018-02-22T10:46:47+04:00

If for whatever reason, you need to re-sit any examinations or assessments you would need to cover the venue and assessor fees. These vary depending on availability but would typically cost around 500 AED.

I have (insert qualification/experience) from a previous course/country. Can I skip parts of the course?2018-02-22T10:47:19+04:00

Typically no. However everything must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Email us at [email protected] if in doubt.

I signed up for a course and I can no longer attend. What do I do now?2018-02-22T10:47:44+04:00

We are aware that circumstances occur and life happens.

The 25% deposit is non-refundable but transferrable to use on another course later down the line or can be transferred to another person of your choosing.

What are Active IQ qualifications?2018-02-22T10:48:11+04:00

Active IQ is an awarding body from the UK, which is regulated by Ofqual. Active IQ Qualifications are considered the gold standard for those wishing to joining the Fitness Industry.

What is REPs?2018-02-22T10:48:43+04:00

REPs stands for The Register of Exercise Professionals. It is a regulatory organization backed by the government as a measure to ensure Fitness Professionals are up to date with the level of qualifications and CPD courses needed to practice and coach within the fitness industry.

Are these qualifications Internationally recognized?2018-02-22T10:49:09+04:00

Yes. Our qualifications are globally recognized and allow you a degree of freedom and peace of mind if you happen to relocate to another country.

Will you help me find a job afterwards?2018-09-09T11:59:57+04:00

As a company with a lot of strong ties and affiliations within the fitness industry in the UAE, we are approached frequently with offers from different companies and gyms for a wide variety of roles and jobs. We always pass this information on to our graduates and let them know about these exciting opportunities as they arise.

When will I get my Diploma Certificate?2018-02-22T10:49:45+04:00

You will get your Certificate within 6 weeks of successful completion of the course. We can provide you with a letter of acknowledgement prior to your certificate arriving, should your employer require it.