Refund Policy

Course Fee Refund Policy


This Policy sets out the Bodyhack: Fitness Education’s process on refunds to Clients for Course Fees. Any refund given goes through a screening process and Bodyhack Management would be sole decision maker based on criteria defined.

Any request of refund due to medical condition or any other genuine reason requires adequate supporting documentation and authorisation, to limit the potential risk of money laundering and fraud.  

This Policy relates to refunds for Course Fees that are requested because a student has voluntarily withdrawn from or suspended their studies.

This Policy applies to all registered students of Bodyhack: Fitness Education.

Refund Liability   

Refunds are processed only on medical emergencies incase if Students are not in a physical condition to do the course or if the students are not able to attend practicals in any of our branches due to visa regulations or if Visa was rejected.  

The amount of refund Bodyhack will be liable to pay will depend on which level they withdraw or suspend. If the Student withdraws or suspends:  

•       The payment is non-refundable if the student has access to an online course and covered more than 25% of the course or if the student has access to an online course for more than 15 days.

•       If the student is doing a course that includes Levels the student will be charged for the levels, they have completed 25% or more or have attended any of the face to face sessions.

•       If the student is on an instalment option on a Personal Training Diploma or Pilates Diploma and decides to finish only certain levels of the course (ie only Anatomy & Physiology, Up to Level 2 etc) the student is liable to pay the remaining amount towards that particular level which would be the individual price of the qualification.

Procedure for processing refunds   

•       Once the refund is approved by Bodyhack Fitness Education the refund process will take 10 business days.

•       We will not refund any shortfalls owing to exchange rate fluctuations or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred. 

•        All refunds will be returned via the same method as the original transaction (except where payment was made by cash) and to the source of the original transaction wherever possible.

•       We do not take any responsibility for payments made by a third party.  

Specific arrangements depending on the method of original transaction are detailed below.  

Credit/Debit Card  

If the payment was made online, Bodyhack will normally be able to return the funds to the card that was used for the payment up to 12 months after the original payment was received.   If the payment was made in person, we would need the Bank account to which the Student would like a transfer.

For refunds made outside of these times, proof of payment details will be required. 

Bank Transfer  

For refunds the proof of payment details will be required and the Client needs to provide updated bank details to initiate fund transfer. 

Global Pay for students (Powered by Western Union)

Proof of payment details will be required, and refunds will be processed by Bank Transfer or PayPal whichever can be provided.

Cash or Cheque  

Proof of payment details will be required, and refunds will be processed as Bank Transfer. 

Direct Debit  

The refund will be processed back to the account used for the original transaction.  

Proof of payment details  

Where funds cannot be returned to the original card or account, proof of where the original payment came from will be required, such as a copy of a card or bank statement showing the funds leaving (all other details may be blanked out).  

Where a card has expired then a statement to prove this will be required before the funds are returned in another way.  

Where payment was made by cash, we need Bank details of the students to do a bank transfer.

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