I’ve taken 3 different certification programs with BodyHack; Loved them all. I have also taken several. CPD courses and workshops with the company.
Definitely recommend BodyHack if you are looking for caring, knowledgable, and personable instructors.

Corleen Gallinger

I took a course of personal trainer and fitness instructor (GYM) with BodyHack . Thank you for your work!!! I got new and useful knowledge and new acquaintances with good people!!! My new knowledge helps me in my work!
In my heart keep all your lectures and practical classes. It was excellent!
My native language is not English and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pass your training, but I did it!!! Thank you for your help and responsiveness in the learning process!!! I will definitely come to you yet for new courses!

Olena Lazareva

I’ve done two courses with BodyHack now and about to sign up for the third!
Every member of the team is not only highly knowledgeable but also so passionate and about sports and fitness. Thanks again to all of the team, can’t wait for the next course to start!

K. Horsfield

I did my fitness trainer course with Body Hack in Dubai. The trainers Heba and Yousef, they both are really superb. The way of teaching and their helpful natures made them unique. Hope will meet you again soon.

Sisir Ranjan

Very helpful and on to the point of facts.

Nass Aly

Wonderful group of professionals. A pleasure to work with.

Dave Steadman

Exceptional services, credible personality, great minds.

Franklin Cole

I HIGHLY recommend that you take any possible opportunity available to work with Yousef. Not only will you NOT regret it, you will likely look back years from now and consider it one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Dr. Eric Cobb, Founder, Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC

I have a Genetics & Biochemistry degree, a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and worked as a research scientist on a muscle based project looking at the effect of statins on heart cells, so I thought I understood the body, but I was wrong.

Dr. S. Pugh

Heba is truly gifted and so much more than just a trainer. Her knowledge of the body and how everything connects plus her approach to pain management is just awesome.

K. Foster

Heba is succeeding where mainstream medicine has failed. It’s been a remarkable, rewarding and enjoyable journey for me and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

P. Slater