We spend so much time, money and effort worrying about supplements and food, when one of the quickest ways to dramatically improve our health and well-being is absolutely free. Most of us suffer from some degree or variation of breathing problems. This has huge implications on: Posture, movement, strength, flexibility, stamina, sleep, fat loss, digestion, pain and movement. The course will cover: – The three main breathing pattern dysfunctions – Key assessments to identify which breathing deficits you have and how to correct them. – Breathing and training: How to use breath to facilitate certain movement patterns, and how to use breath to get out of pain. – How to identify signs of neural fatigue during heavy cardiovascular exercise and what to do about them. – Breathing techniques to delay fatigue and improve recovery during/after exercise.


The Oxygen Advantage® Masterclass with Rose O’ Donovan

Master the science to superior breathing. By incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® into your fitness regime, you will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body. For an athlete, this competitive edge is gold and for the non-athlete improved breathing is the gateway to great health.  The Oxygen Advantage Method is also a superior tool for mental focus, aiding in the treatment of anxiety, depression and poor sleep.