Spine Corrector / Pilates Arc Barrel Workshop ( 7 CPD points)

If you’ve rarely used this extremely versatile piece of equipment now is the time to do so! This workshop will take you through all the different variations of movements you can do on the Spine Corrector which is fantastic for enhancing spine proprioception, spine mobility and overall brain-body health.



We spend so much time, money and effort worrying about supplements and food, when one of the quickest ways to dramatically improve our health and well-being is absolutely free. Most of us suffer from some degree or variation of breathing problems. This has huge implications on: Posture, movement, strength, flexibility, stamina, sleep, fat loss, digestion, pain and movement. The course will cover: – The three main breathing pattern dysfunctions – Key assessments to identify which breathing deficits you have and how to correct them. – Breathing and training: How to use breath to facilitate certain movement patterns, and how to use breath to get out of pain. – How to identify signs of neural fatigue during heavy cardiovascular exercise and what to do about them. – Breathing techniques to delay fatigue and improve recovery during/after exercise.



This course will show you how to assess Posture and Gait through a biomechanical as well as a neurological lens to understand your clients bodies and brains at a deeper level to be able to help optimise their movement, performance and overall health.


PELVIC FLOOR WORKSHOP with Marianne Tafani in DUBAI (Hosted by .body//HACK) – 3 CPD points

This 3hour workshop is for people who are interested in learning more about their pelvic floor and for those looking to create a more mindful relationship with their pelvis. Whether you have experienced childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, surgical intervention, incontinence or pelvic pain, this workshop will give you more knowledge in a supportive environment. 


The Oxygen Advantage® Masterclass with Rose O’ Donovan

Master the science to superior breathing. By incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® into your fitness regime, you will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body. For an athlete, this competitive edge is gold and for the non-athlete improved breathing is the gateway to great health.  The Oxygen Advantage Method is also a superior tool for mental focus, aiding in the treatment of anxiety, depression and poor sleep.