Complete Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training

Complete Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training

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    Course Information (Delivered in English)

      Oxygen Advantage is a world renowned breathing academy. The advanced instructor certification gives you an international qualification allowing you to work with clients one to one or in teams.

      The full three day certification gives you an international qualification on addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns for health and breathing for sports performance.

      You will learn to assess and treat clients that present with breathing, sleeping and exercise issues.

      What will be covered:

    • Oxygen Advantage Master class workshop directly
    • Functional Breathing Training for Sports Performance
    • Nasal Breathing during Running
    • Stimulate your vagus nerve
    • Breathing pattern disorders in sports
    • Measure and reduce breathlessness during physical exercise
    • Improve nose breathing to improve arterial oxygen uptake
    • Breathing and Posture
    • Improve tolerance to reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide
    • Help prevent exercise induced asthma
    • Athletes and health -FAQs
    • Simulate High Altitude Training Within a Week of applying this training you will be able to:

    • Delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid
    • Improved repeat sprint ability for team sports- rugby, football etc.
    • Improve respiratory muscle strength
    • Improve aerobic capacity
    • Increase production of EPO (Erythropoietin) safely and legally
    • Improve running economy and running time
    • Improve swimming performance
    • Reduce oxidative stress

    Duration: 3 days

    When: Day 1 November 9 – Saturday, Day 2 November 10 – Sunday, Day 3 November 17 – Sunday from 9am-4pm

    Price: AED 3,500

    Where: UAE JJ Fitness gym in Mirdiff, Dubai & Bodyhack Office.

    Rose O Donovan is a Tutor and Asessor at .body//HACK: Private Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Spinning Master Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Instructor – 15 years Industry Experience, Ex-military.Her qualifications and titles include:
    National Certification in Health Science – University of Limerick Ireland

    Spinning® Master Instructor and Training Coordinator UAE, Power Specialist Master Instructor. She is also certified in; NeuroPilates Mat and Reformer, Pre and Post Exercise Specialist, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Breathing and Neuro Performance Certifications.

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