Arabic Pre and Post Natal Exercise in Dubai

Arabic Pre and Post Natal Exercise in Dubai

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    Course Information (Delivered in Arabic)

      This is a comprehensive 16 hour course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help pregnant women improve their health and fitness throughout their pregnancy as well as after they deliver.

      We will cover:

    • A review of current exercise and pregnancy research.
    • The different stages of pregnancy and embryonic development
    • The physiological and psychological changes a pregnant woman goes through during each trimester
    • Contraindications of exercise for each trimester
    • Beneficial exercises to do during each trimester
    • Pelvic floor and diaphragm re-education and training for pre and post natal women
    • Breathing pattern dysfunctions during pregnancy and the appropriate corrective breathing drills associated with them
    • ‘Pregnancy brain’ reality or myth and what hormonal changes occur in pregnancy that affect the brain’s performance
    • Neurological changes that occur during pregnancy

    Duration: 2 days

    When: To be Confirmed

    Price: AED 2018 (can be paid in installments)

    Where: To be confirmed

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