BREATHING WORKSHOP in Dubai (New and Improved)

BREATHING WORKSHOP in Dubai (New and Improved)

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    Course Information (Delivered in English)

      This one day immersive course focuses on improving arguably the most important aspect of our health, our breath and respiration.

      In the first half of the day Heba will take you through the biomechanical aspects of breath.

      You will learn:

    • How to reduce intra abdominal pressure through breath
    • Different hypopressive postures you can use to increase the stretch on your diaphragm
    • Breath techniques for improving lung capacity in HyperKyphosis and Scoliosis 
    • How to breathe 3 dimensionally to reduce neck tension and improve gut motility.
    • TIn the second half of the day Rose will take you through the biochemical aspects of breath.

      You will learn:

    • The main breathing pattern dysfunctions 
    • Key assessments to identify which breathing deficits you have and how to correct them.
    • Breathing and training: How to use breath to facilitate certain movement patterns, and how to use breath to get out of pain. 
    • How to identify signs of neural fatigue during heavy cardiovascular exercise and what to do about them. 
    • Breathing techniques to delay fatigue and improve recovery during/after exercise.. 

    Duration: 1 day

    When: 25th August 2024,10 am – 4pm

    Price: AED 750 (Early Bird Price AED 715 until 7 June)

    Where: Office 10-C11 I-Rise Tower Barsha Heights (Tecom) Dubai

    Heba is the CoFounder of .body//HACK: Fitness Education along with her husband Yousef. She is a Z-Health Master Trainer, Creator of the NeuroPilates method, Personal Training and Pilates Tutor and Assessor, and the Winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Competition 2014.

    She is also a two-time former Olympic athlete having competed as a synchronised swimmer at the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, with an international career as a competitor spanning over sixteen years. Heba went to the UK in 2004 to study Sports Science, did her Pilates Certifications with various schools, did her Z-Health master training and functional neurology in the States and is now doing an MC in Osteopathy. She teaches Pilates certifications, Anatomy and Physiology and various educational workshops on the Nervous System, Breathing, and Visual Training for Sports and Athletic Conditioning.She focuses her work on maximising people’s athletic potential as well as corrective exercise for injury rehabilitation. She has a strong applied interest on the body’s nervous system and neuroscience and how it can be used to improve performance and help alleviate pain.

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