• The workshop will cover what a typical scoliosis looks like, common misconceptions, the effect the scoliosis curve has on movement and and what corrective exercises can be done to alleviate any symptoms associated with scoliosis.
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    Spinning®  – The worlds #1 program – Mad Dogg Athletics As the worldwide leaders in indoor cycling education and programs, Spinning® is the most recognized certification program on the planet when it comes to Indoor cycling. The drive to create great instructors starts with the Spinning® Instructor Certification, a comprehensive qualification led by a Spinning® Master Instructor that includes practical and theoretical concepts and teaches instructors everything they need to know to become dynamic indoor cycling leaders.  
  • This Certificate is accredited through the awarding body Active IQ from the United Kingdom.   ***It will allow you entry onto the following Exercise Registers Internationally: REPS UK, IC-REPS, E-REPS and REPS UAE.*** Course description

    This qualification aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan, deliver and supervise safe and effective group training sessions.

    During the qualification learners will cover:

    • Anatomy, physiology and nutrition and how they relate to exercise and fitness.
    • Health and safety in the group training environment.
    • The skills to support exercise adherence and a healthy lifestyle.
    • The skills to plan, instruct and supervise safe and effective group training sessions.
    • Professionalism for group training.
    • Personal and professional development.
    • Delivering exceptional customer service.

  • COURSE INFORMATION: This course will show you how to assess Posture and Gait through a biomechanical as well as a neurological lens to understand your clients bodies and brains at a deeper level to be able to help optimise their movement, performance and overall health. YOU WILL LEARN: – The biomechanical and neurological factors that govern posture – Posture and gait assessment and analysis that can be used for programming – How to assess dynamic posture, movement, brain function as well as bio-mechanical integration. – How to interpret your observations and what to do with the information
  • If you’ve rarely used this extremely versatile piece of equipment now is the time to do so! This workshop will take you through all the different variations of movements you can do on the Spine Corrector which is fantastic for enhancing spine proprioception, spine mobility and overall brain-body health. The workshop offers progressions as well as modifications to the Pilates mat repertoire so having a Pilates mat certification is a pre-requisite. We have both online as well as face to face options to cater to your learning style: Face to face - runs 6th of February from 9-5pm in Dubai, cost is 1000 AED (limited to 8 sign ups only!)
  • If you want to explore a different, high energy, fun style of training with your clients then you'll love REBOUNDING!In this workshop Master Trainer @jennifercfit will take you through:- How to use a Rebounder safely and effectively - The multiple benefits for core control, fat loss, strength, mental and vestibular stimulation as well as balance - How it can be used to help with incontinence and pelvic floor control - How to teach private personalised sessions as well as group classes - How to jump to the beat of the music as well as how to move with your body's internal rhythm - She will also take you through some fantastic, fun workouts that will leave you energised and inspired to apply to your clients The workshop will deliver a memorable and personalized experience and on completion you will receive a Certificate with 6 CPD points.  
  • 21st Century Anatomy ,Physiology & Biomechanics is going through a paradigm shift , so it’s vitally important to ensure that our knowledge in this area is current and up to date.
    Our role as Movement specialist is one of great pride, We are privileged to have daily opportunities to influence the lives of so many people , so with this opportunity comes responsibility on our part to maintain the very highest levels of integrity & knowledge about this subject matter.
    Understanding why we’re moving away from the traditional Biomechanical approach and increasingly move to the more modern understanding of physiology which is reflected in the Biotensegrity & Fascial concepts.
    It’s through these new concepts we’ll be able to apply better strategies & principles to our training & pre/rehabilitation methods whether that be for general/specific  populations or athletic performance.
  • In this course you will learn the Foundations / Concepts of EMS Training. You will have a general understanding of EMS Training and its biomechanical, physiological and neurological benefits. You will learn how to handle the device, how to use the different keys to optimize the training, technical parameters used, and specific recommendations in order to set up and manage an efficient electrostimulation session.
  • Interested in becoming an Oxygen Advantage Instructor?
    World renowned author and breathing practitioner Patrick McKeown  was educated in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and at the Buteyko clinic in Moscow, Russia.
    He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in the UK for his understanding of breathing. His mission is to empower people to take control of their own health, wellbeing and fitness using simple techniques and exercises proven to improve body oxygenation.
    This will be Patricks last international  in person travel for delivering educational courses and is your chance to take the education live with this world renowned expert.
    You will be qualified to work one on one with clients with functional breathing pattern disorders and with athletes to enable them to improve performance.
    Course Date: November 18, 19, 20th 
    Course Timing: 9am - 5pm
    Course Name: Complete Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training with Patrick McKeown
    Course Cost: 3,500AED (500aed deposit - non refundable)
    Course enrollments end October 15th - limited places available
  • Course Information

    This course is Unit 1 of our NeuroPilates Diploma but can also be done as a stand alone course with CPD points for certification.This course is delivered 'Live on Zoom' What we will cover:
    • Key Neuroscience principles that apply to us as movement professionals
    • The Neurology of movement, coordination, motor control and stability
    • Practical ways to enhance proprioception and interoception in your sessions
    • The anatomy of the visual and vestibular systems in governing movement and posture
    • Understanding the different brain lobes and how to incorporate different neurological exercises in to the traditional Pilates repertoire
    • Neurological pathways and the importance of training the right and left sides of the body in different ways
    • The neurology of Posture and postural assessment
    • The neurology of Gait and gait assessment
  • The Pilates Chair or “Wunda Chair” is a powerful, versatile piece of equipment which was designed by J.Pilates for home use having in mind the limitations of space.
    This two day workshop takes you through the dynamic movements and repertoire that can be done on the Chair, how to use the Chair safely and most importantly how to program the Chair movements and be able to integrate it in to the balanced Pilates programme designed for the client.